Jude Designs Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases

Who is Jude?

Her real name is really Judy, but friends and family have shortened it over the years to just “Jude”.

She had a paint brush in my hand from her earliest memories (“sometimes just painting her room a bright new color, but always hoping to have a career in the art field. Practicality reigned and she got a degree in math and ended up in her brother’s engineering firm, making partner soon after. And now 28 years later, she is slowly retiring from that firm.

Her 1st experience in needlepoint started when she was in college, working part-time in the fabric department in a department store that sold needlepoint kits. The canvas was printed and the design lines did not line up. So her appreciation for hand-painted, stitch-painted canvases started at that point.

With her interest in art, of course, she figured she could design her own canvases and thus begins her love of needlepoint, with her personal designs reflecting a love of bright and ’spicy” colors. She has been fortunate to have traveled worldwide over the years, having lived in Singapore for 2 years and making a recent trip to China, which has also influenced a lot of her designs.

She is really just beginning this endeavor on a national level, so her portfolio will continue to increase, so please check back often for new items.

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Showing 1–12 of 34 results